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Gavin, Jamie, and Chris Farella

Why did you get into the restaurant business?
Me (Chris) and my brothers have always had a passion for food. We’re from Cornwall and we always used to go down south, to North Carolina, and eat all this great barbecue and southern food – sweet tea, cornbread. We would come back to New York and we could never find that stuff. That was probably the main motivation for us. 

How did you get your start?
My two older brothers they were the ones who wanted to go forward and open a small restaurant. I was in college at the time. They took the initial steps of opening the first Brothers Barbecue which was basically a shack compared to what we have now. I was in Atlanta, Georgia and decided to take off a semester to come home and help them through that process. Now we have 40 employees, full time and part time. Back then it was just us three. We washed dishes, we prepped, we served customers, we cleaned up. My help was definitely needed. I came home and I never went back to school. We’ve always worked in food....(click for full article)

Some backyard chefs appear to be unlucky. It always rains when they want to barbecue. The Farella Brothers are professionals. But they also have problems. There’s an economic upheaval every time they open a restaurant.

The three men (Jamie, Christian and Gavin) made their culinary debut in 2008 with Brothers Barbecue in Vails Gate. Soon after the doors were open, the nation plunged into its deepest recession in several decades.

But the venture still prospered for the first two years.

Then a fire destroyed the building, but not the resolve of the men who owned it. Brothers Barbecue reopened in 2012 with a larger venue at the same location. There was entertainment on the weekends and a deck for outside dining.

In 2020, the jinx struck again, or did it? The trio introduced Brothers Smokehouse in Ramsey, N.J. They were getting ready to open when COVID-19 clobbered the restaurant business....(click for full article)

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